Who is the Best Managed IT Service Provider in Columbus Ohio?

Who is the Best Managed IT Service Provider in Columbus Ohio?

By on Dec 30, 2022 in Managed IT Services

Companies looking for a managed IT services provider in Columbus have a lot of places where they can start their search. They can try online review sites like Cloudtango, Clutch and Expertise that attempt to provide a ranking of the best; however, we thought we’d throw our hat in the ring and offer our opinion using our years of experience in the industry.

Astute Technology Management

After two decades of providing technology solutions and services in Central Ohio area, we truly feel that Astute Technology Management earns the top spot on the list of “Best Managed IT Service Providers in Columbus.”

Since 1998, the Astute Technology Management team has gone beyond the scope of ordinary IT services to build close, long-lasting partnerships with the local small and midsized business community, helping them face the full range of technology challenges with confidence.

Here are some fun facts that we feel makes Astute Technology Management the top of the managed service field:

  • We process over 2,000 IT support tickets for our clients every month.
  • Our average response to each of those tickets is 7.2 minutes.
  • We have a 99% customer satisfaction rating (see this page’s footer for the real time rating).

We specialize in helping firms within the commercial construction, healthcare, and professional services industries. That focus means support services that far surpass the capabilities of even some internal IT teams in those industries. Network monitoring, help desk, and cloud computing support with deep industry experience eliminates the anxiety of hiring in-house, boosts employee productivity, and ensures that your business needs are met.

In addition, there are some other things you should know about our technology solutions and trusted support.

Network Security Services – We’re committed to helping small and mid-sized business develop the infrastructure they need to feel secure. That means antivirus, backup services, cybersecurity awareness training, firewalls, and vigilant emergency support. We help you prevent ransomware attacks and provide quick responses to even the smallest security or support issue, eliminating your cybersecurity concerns.

The City’s Most Beloved Support Team – Any Columbus managed IT services firm should be responding to your support requests quickly. The decades of experience our team has accrued allows us to seamlessly respond to small businesses and provide the fastest and friendliest support in Columbus. Customer satisfaction is the core of who we are and how we’ve built our company.

Strategic IT Planning – Digital transformation means that businesses are now using new technologies to meet their business goals. The industry experts at Astute Technology Management will help your decision makers take advantage of all the latest technology, giving your staff the business technology system integration support they need to stay ahead of the competition.

Revolution Group

Revolution Group is a well-established IT services provider in the Columbus area. Out of their headquarters in Westerville, they provides a range of technology-related services, including managed IT services, IT project work, cybersecurity consulting, and more.

What makes the Revolution Group unique is their tight focus on Salesforce and ERP implementation and customization.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions like Salesforce have helped bring sales and marketing teams together and create a new level of transparency and efficiency in the sales process. The larger the organization, the more likely it is they’ll need some custom Salesforce module or code, which an internal IT department is unlikely to provide.

Another key focus of this Revolution Group is Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) solutions, a type of enterprise software that’s designed to give manufacturing and distribution businesses a centralized system for managing all their business processes.

Does that make them one of the best managed services providers in Columbus? Not exactly. Those specializations make them a great fit for manufacturing firms, but it makes them a less-than-ideal technology partner for companies in commercial construction or healthcare, who want a responsive partner with specialist IT skills.

Arnet Technologies

Armet Technologies is a managed service provider who’s been serving the Columbus area for quite some time. Recently purchased by national IT services provider Netgain, they continue to provide many of the same cost-effective IT services that other companies in the Columbus area do, including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service, managed backup and recovery, and IT consulting services.

Unlike many other firms in the area, Arnet Technologies doesn’t specialize in working with any one type of company, though they do play an active role in the title insurance industry. You can view them as more of a generalist IT support provider. That makes them a good fit for businesses who don’t have unique IT, cybersecurity, or regulatory compliance requirement.

One thing that makes them unique is their business model. When they take you on as a new client, they’ll recommend that you get rid of your existing hardware infrastructure and leasing your computers from them. This cloud-based platform is supposed to eliminate IT issues, keep prices affordable, and lighten their own team’s workload. But, if you ever decide to switch MSPs, you’ll be stuck with buying all new computers and infrastructure.

Want to learn more about the benefits of working with a homegrown MSP vs. a franchise or chain? We’ve written a complete article about that.


EasyIT has been providing IT support services in the Columbus area for a long time. Over the years, they’ve built a solid reputation as a company that can manage your technology effectively.

But much like the providers above, EasyIT is a generalist technology services provider. They offer a wider range of services than other MSPs in the area, including digital signage, audio & visual solutions, and video surveillance solutions.

This wide range of service offerings makes them an ideal choice for a larger business who can take advantage of the wide service offering, but it makes them less of a good fit for a business in the commercial construction, healthcare, or professional services fields who want a team who’s tightly focused on IT strategy, support, and security.

When dealing with a larger technology partner like EasyIT, your organization may not get the close, personalized service that you deserve. When you’re planning next year’s IT budget, do you want to work with an non-technical account manager who’s serving a list of companies, or a senior network engineer who’s been in regular, close contact with your team?

Having a right-sized technology partner who can provide high-touch, personalized service pays enormous dividends in terms of the efficacy of your cybersecurity, disaster recovery, and regulatory compliance, and overall business stability.

Learn How to Pick the Right MSP in Columbus  

Picking the right IT services is crucial to the long-term success of your business. The right level of IT support can increase productivity, make your staff feel supported, protect you from catastrophic network downtime, and help defend you against the latest cybersecurity threats.

Want to learn more about the process of hiring and working with an MSP? We’ve written the Small and Midsized Business Guide to Managed IT Services to give you all the information you need to make a wise decision. If you’d like to speak with one of our friendly, accessible engineers, you should also feel free to reach out at 614-389-4102.

We look forward to speaking with you.