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We understand the IT needs of commercial construction. Whether it’s a company specializing in ground up construction or rebranding and reimaging an existing structure, Astute Technology Management has your commercial construction IT needs covered. We have worked for years developing strong, trusted relationships with the best and most technologically advanced vendors in our industry including Procore, Viewpoint, Vista, Sage and QuickBooks. We do this to help the commercial construction industry’s IT infrastructure adapt regardless of their specialization. We realize that in today’s market, many builders concentrate on a single, commercial market. Our technology base is broad enough to support many specialties and our focused industry expertise can identify the individual needs of companies ranging from heavy infrastructure facility builders to concrete polishers.

Commercial Construction – Why You Need a Managed IT Services Provider in 2021

Commercial Construction – Why You Need a Managed IT Services Provider in 2021

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General contractors and the construction industry in general have long been able to postpone the inevitable move to integrating advanced technology into its daily operations. However, the days of fabricating advanced structures without so much as a wheel or pulley to assist are long gone. Over the years material advancement, labor organization, planning, technology and collaboration have taken the construction industry to where it is today: busy, profitable and ready to embrace today’s information technology.

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