New Features and Better Value – Now On Cisco Smart Switches

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New Features and Better Value – Now On Cisco Smart Switches
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The Cisco Small Business Switching Team is excited to announce the availability of 2.3.5 software release, delivering significant feature updates to the 250 Series Smart Switches. We have added

  • Static routing (IPv4/IPv6)
  • Security with ACL
  • QoS with ACL
  • CLI through Telnet/SSH
  • Dual image
  • Time based PoE and port operation
  • Guest VLAN

If you know about network switches for Small and Midsize Business, you may have heard about “Smart Switches”. These switches are priced very affordably, but provide a web interface and basic configuration options to build your network. Here at Cisco, we have taken smart switches to the next level and provide more capabilities to our Small and Midsize business customers, while maintaining the affordability that people love.

The Cisco 250 Series is the next generation of affordable smart switches that combine powerful network performance and reliability with a complete suite of network features you need for a solid business network. These expandable Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet switches, with Gigabit or 10-Gigabit uplinks, provide multiple management options, rich security capabilities, fine-grained quality-of-service (QoS) and Layer-3 static routing features far beyond those of an unmanaged or consumer-grade switch, at a lower cost than fully managed switches.

The Cisco 250 series smart switches also support:

  • PoE+ to enable latest wireless access point and cameras
  • PoE input and PoE pass-through for flexible deployment location
  • Smart Network Application for multi device management
  • FindIT Network Manager for on premise and cloud management
  • Network PnP for Zero Touch Deployment
  • Auto Smartport to automatically configure switch ports based on connected devices

With these capabilities, you can set up and configure a complete business network in minutes.

Download the latest software release here.

With this update, we now have 250 series as advanced smart switches and 220 series as basic smart switches. The list price for Cisco 220 series smart switches has been lowered to bring more value. Choose Cisco 250 series to build affordable and easy to use business networking for SMB, and Cisco 220 series for even more budget constraint situations.

The next generation 550X, 350X, 350 and 250 series switches are now replacing the current Cisco 500, 300 and 200 series switches, while the 220 and 110/95 series switches will stay in our portfolio. Learn more about these next generation switches in this video.

Until next time.

Aaron and the Rest of the Cisco Small Business Team


New Cisco Small Business Weekly Wrap-up: FindIT Networking and more

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New Cisco Small Business Weekly Wrap-up: FindIT Networking and more
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I awoke to the news that Mammoth Mountain received six feet of snow overnight. Well ahead of the calendar schedule for snowfall, this first major storm of the year certainly gets folks excited to get up to the mountains! Especially those in my house-hold. Our last trip was the week of July 4th! Think of that my friends..

Courtesy Mammoth Mountain

In other news, our team recently had fantastic engagements with our friends in Latin America. We have engagements with our own internal regional teams and partners including Chile, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Venezuela and more. We certainly look to for more engagements in the next few weeks.

Esperamos con interés más compromisos en el futuro! No hay límite para lo que podemos hacer.

Next week I will be in Mexico City! I will take some pictures to post here.

As a side note, if you are a partner or a end-user and have a question, please feel free to send us a note at

More big news this week is the completion of our new Cisco FindIT Networking Video. The short video explains what FindIT is, but more importantly explains why it is important to you. It truly is a big shift in the way Small Businesses can benefit from this new platform. A very big shout out to Dr. Paul and Team for the outstanding job. The Product Team certainly looking forward to the next videos.

Lastly, we have made some updates to our SG/SF Switch models. New features and new pricing are a major part of the updates, please contact your local Cisco Partner, or feel free (again) to send us a note.

Did you know our products have lifetime support, free software upgrades for the life of the product, regional phone support in multiple languages and one of the industry’s best support communities? You do now!

We celebrated two Birthdays recently – Happy Belated Birthdays to Chris and Victor!

From our team to yours, have a great week, for those in the US, Happy Thanksgiving.

Marc and the rest of the Cisco Small Business Team.


Cisco Small Business and Golf!

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Cisco Small Business and Golf!
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This is a quick wrap-up as we wish Brian, our fine Wireless Product Manager good luck this weekend as he plays in his hometown city golf tournament.

Brian about to his drive off the first hole at a course in Costa Mesa, CA. This was taken a few months ago during one of our Team Outings. As usual, he made the rest of us look bad.

We have been fortunate to have multiple calls over the last two weeks with our regional teams including Brazilian Marketing Team and the Sales Engineering Teams that cover all of North, Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean. Up next is the Brazilian Sales Team. We always enjoy these engagements as we get the opportunity to tell our story about our products, but more importantly, we get the opportunity to learn about what these teams face on a daily basis.

I just had the opportunity to see drafts of some of our new videos. These videos were created at the direction of Paul Yanzick, who is managing (not only this one) effort to bring about new product videos, how-to’s, and other types of videos. There are a multitude of uses for them, which makes them invaluable especially when you cannot simply touch every person you would like to. Believe me, I try…

Next week, some of the team travels to Taipei and Shanghai to meet with some of our partners and engineering team members.

Brad, Marty, Skip, Cady and James: safe travels.

Brian, hit’em straight – Good luck!

Marc and the rest of the Cisco Small Business Team


Friday Wrap-up – Spiceworld and IT-SA

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Friday Wrap-up – Spiceworld and IT-SA
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Hello and Happy Friday the 13th!

The Team (Nasser and Nagaraja) is back in town after a fun week in Austin for Spiceworld 2017. They got the opportunity to spend time with the Spiceheads as we showed off our product and of course, FindIT. Our Cisco Social Media Team was there to Facebook Live two of the FindIT Demonstrations. So here you go. Nasser and Nag are halfway to stardom!

We were showing our products like the Cisco Small Business RV130W and WAP125, which are perfect for a Small Home Office or Business. The WAP581, which offers 802.11ac WAVE2. This particular model can take advantage of Mgig and Link Aggregation. Look for news on some new Mgig Switches..

Also pictured here is the new Cisco 2960L Switch and Aeronet 1815.

Hey SpiceHeads! Watch as Nagaraja Thanthry leads the Find IT demo- a network management system for small to medium businesses. Ask us questions below! #SpiceWorld2017

Posted by Cisco Small Business on Monday, October 9, 2017

Stay tuned for more information and updates, so please bookmark this page!

Here are some links to our Social Media channels:

Have a great weekend. From Nag, Nasser and the rest of the Cisco Small Business Team, I’ll see you here later!



Cisco Small Business Update – Kaseya Integration, IT-SA and Spiceworld 2017

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Cisco Small Business Update – Kaseya Integration, IT-SA and Spiceworld 2017
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This week has been a busy one for us. Besides the MLB postseason starting as well as the regular season openers for the NHL, our team was all over the world covering events and shows. In Tennis, the world finals start later this month, the men will be in London, while the women will be in Singapore.

Our team was in Amsterdam this week for the Kaseya Connect Europe show. We unveiled plans of our Cisco FindIT Network Management Platform integration for Kaseya. We could not be more excited to ride the wave of Cisco Small Business networking into Internal IT Administration and Managed Services. For years, Managed Service Providers and IT Admin’s have been asking for better Networking Administration and Management in Remote Monitoring and Management Suites such as Kaseya. The Kaseya VSA is one of the most popular RMM’s out there and we look forward to seeing how Kaseya Users adopt the new Cisco Small Business FindIT Network Strategy.

We are literally providing the ability to treat network devices like computers, laptops and servers within Kaseya. Yes, on par. For MSP’s, that means your network management capabilities just got a major boost, while the energy and cost to do so drops. We are excited, we hope you are too! Here is channel coverage from our friends from Channel2E.

Nasser, Nagaraja and I met with our friends at Newegg Business. It was great to meet the new Sales Director and our dear friend Scott whom we have worked with for years. Lunch was super fun filled with laughs and plans to ramp not only our products, but their overall networking sales. We have plenty of action items to close now!

Europe’s Largest IT Security Expo starts next week and runs from October 10-12th. Of course our team will be there along with the rest of the security industry. If you are planning on attending, please stop by and find Jo! IT-SA 2017 is being held in Nuremburg, Germany.

By now, you know our team (Nasser and Nag) will be in Austin at Spiceworld 2017. If you planning on attending, please stop by booth 17. We will be doing demo’s of FindIT and our products.  You might even be able to get a glimpse of the FindIT integration inside of Kaseya…

Don’t forget about our earlier post for the Spiceworld 2017 show.

Have a great weekend friends!

Marc and team


Cisco RV340 Dual WAN VPN Security Router: Tolly Report – Most Downloaded

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Cisco RV340 Dual WAN VPN Security Router: Tolly Report – Most Downloaded
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I wanted to share some exciting news from our friends at the Tolly Group. Our Cisco RV340 Dual WAN VPN Security Router Tolly Report has been downloaded more than any other report in September! Here is the Tolly Report.

Launched earlier this year, the RV340, along with the other models including the RV340W, RV345, and RV345P continue to become more popular and the product of choice. Both end-users and partners are raving about the performance, features, ease of use and configuration, and overall quality. These four models provide options for port count, wireless, and PoE. And all of them are supported by the Cisco FindIT Monitoring and Management Platform.

We are proud this success as it is an indicator that our premise of what a Small Business owner and/or Channel Partner would choose for the Small Business Network. Remember, no matter the size of the business or enterprise, the value of the network is the same. Mission-Critical is one way to describe it.


We will have some exciting Cisco FindIT news coming. Our team will be at Kaseya Connect in Amsterdam next week. And we will be reporting from SpiceWorld 2017 in Austin. So please stay with us for updates.

Marc and the Cisco Small Business Team.

RV Series Routing/110-550X Switching/WAP Wireless Access Points


SpiceWorld 2017

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SpiceWorld 2017
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Hello all,

Our Marketing Friends wanted to post some information about we have planned for the upcoming SpiceWorld 2017 in Austin, Texas, October 9-11. Today we have guest Craig Smyth that will provide an update for our overall Cisco plan at this popular show.

Our Cisco Small Business team will be talking about some our new products including the Cisco RV340 Series VPN Router models, the new WAP150 and WAP581 Wireless Access Points and some of the new SG350X and SG550X Switches. Of course, of interest will be the Cisco FindIT Monitoring and Management Platform that has many Managed Service Providers looking at how they currently monitor and manage their customer’s networks. Look for Nasser and Nagaraja at the show!

Spoiler-Alert: We will have exciting new next month. Think RMM…(better look it up if this does not ring a bell)

Show registration is only $499!

So here is Craig, who is a Senior Systems Engineering Manager. Here is his update:

Come See Us at SpiceWorld and Take IT Easy!

Join us at SpiceWorld in Austin from October 9 – 11. SpiceWorld 2017 brings together thousands of IT pros for three days of how-to sessions, networking, happy hours, parties, and FUN.  If you are able to go, check us out at booth #17.  You’ll walk away learning how Cisco helps simplify IT, reduce costs and secures your business. You can interface with us in various ways in Austin. Stop by our hands-on demos that are sure to help you ‘Speak Easy’ with Cisco Spark (our Collaboration solution).  ‘Easy Does IT’ when you stop by our networking demos. And finally, at our Security (featuring Firepower Management Center and Advanced Malware Protection) demos, you can ‘Rest Easy’ knowing your business is secure.

If you are on the IT Pro track be sure to attend our breakout session, “Take IT Easy- Networking, Security, Collaboration and Data Center Made Simple with Cisco”.  I will be presenting on how Cisco delivers simplified solutions that offer improved IT speed and TCO in multi-technology environments. We will also be sponsoring two technical panel sessions on Security on Tuesday and Wednesday at the show.

Later, don’t forget to ‘pop’ on over to our popcorn bar in our booth and enter to win a cool prize!

We look forward to helping you Take IT Easy. Register today.

Thank you for the great post Craig.

In addition to the Cisco Small Business product including FindIT, the team will be talking about Mobility Express, the new Catalyst Switches, Integrated Services Routers (ISR), CMX, Meraki, Firepower Security, AMP for Endpoint Collaboration including Spark.

Thank you for your time.



New Cisco Small Business Support Community

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New Cisco Small Business Support Community
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The team is proud to announce our new Cisco Small Business Support Community is now live. For a quick introduction on what is new, click on the this introduction.

This introduction provides a guide on how to navigate the new community, ways to search topics, how to interact with the content, and content options. Please take a few moments to review. If you are not a member, please register today!

Have a great weekend!

Thank you,

Marc and the rest of the Cisco Small Business Team


September Update

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September Update
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Hello Friends,

Well we have made it to September. Now, most kids are back in school. Pre-Season Football is taking stage while baseball is heading towards the playoffs. We are watching tennis as we look forward to the first weekend at Flushing Meadows for the 2017 US Open. There have been plenty of upsets, but Rafa and Roger are still alive. With #1 Plishkova is out, will #9 in the world Venus Williams make a push for her third US Open? This would go along with her seven Grand Slams, an amazing feat.

Let’s go Vee! Lil Sis is about to have her first baby…

Well, with September comes another update. We have a few things to update all of you so I will keep this short and sweet.

The new RV340 Tolly Report was released this week. This free report is available for download now. We are pleased with the results so please go take a look. The RV340, RV345, RV345P and RV340W are all shipping now.

Cisco FindIT 1.1 is now available. Monitor and Manage your Cisco Small Business Network – Download it free today!

Our new Cisco Small Business Support Community is now online. The new platform offers a new look and feel and should make content easier to find and consume.

The new MGig Wave 2 WAP581 is now shipping. Make sure to contact your local Cisco Partner for details. This high performance Access Point is something that will elevate wireless performance for every small- and medium-sized business.

The new WAP125 is now shipping and available. This new desktop model brings solid wireless performance at an affordable price.

We will have some exciting new with our Switching Portfolio coming next month so please stay tuned.

Good luck to Serena (and Aunty Venus)!

Have a great weekend all.

Marc and the rest of the Cisco Small Business Team


August Update: FindIT 1.1 and the new WAP581

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Hello Friends, As you can tell, we enjoy sports. With Justin Thomas winning his first golf major of his career, the PG Championship, Quail Hollow. In tennis, the final major at Flushing Meadow, the US Open. We will see if #1 in the world Rafa Nadal (back to #1 since 2014) or perennial favorite, Roger […]