Commercial Construction – Why You Need a Managed IT Services Provider in 2021

Commercial Construction – Why You Need a Managed IT Services Provider in 2021

By on May 5, 2019 in Commercial Construction

General contractors and the construction industry have long been able to postpone the inevitable move to integrating managed IT services into its daily operations. Over the years material advancement, labor organization, planning, technology and collaboration have taken the construction industry to where it is today: busy, profitable and ready to embrace today’s information technology. With increased focus on security and network infrastructure management globally, commercial construction has more recently embraced Managed IT Services as an adjunct to the industry.

The historical, 2D approach of pencil and paper building plans made it very difficult to visualize dimensions and requirements. Not to mention the physical bulk and management of handling rolled bond copier paper in large quantities. These literal paper prints made amending a job throughout its inception to completion tedious, difficult to communicate and susceptible to error and loss. Not to mention a nightmare to keep organized in larger or busier firms.

Computer Aided Design

In the 1960’s Computer Aided Design (CAD) began its ascent into the construction industry. The digitization available was revolutionary to the construction industry and its key players. Furthermore, when CAD went 3D the world of construction in manufacturing and printing became an entirely new challenge to integrate. Architects, engineers and general contractors all benefited from the increased efficiency and scalability of design with these programs.

Building Information Modeling

Today, the construction industry relies heavily on Building Information Modeling (BIM). The advent and execution of BIM ensured the processes of planning, designing and then constructing buildings was more efficient and collaborative than ever before. As this technology continues to advance it has become critical that teams be able to access data from anywhere and at anytime to avoid expensive delays and mistakes.

Managed IT Services in the Industry

Enter Managed IT Services. If your business hasn’t already sought out the services of a skilled, industry specific managed services provider then the time has come to do so. Ensuring the network infrastructure of your commercial construction or general contractor operation can suitably support the software required to run the complex programs essential to daily operations requires expertise. A properly trained and credentialed Managed Services provider can ensure your systems maintain speed and reliability while also guaranteeing your valuable data is suitably and securely backed up daily – every 15 minutes is an industry standard. And it doesn’t end with backup. Recovering and restoring workstations is essential to decreased and expensive downtime. Many companies lack the resources to hire and retain staff that are skilled at both backup and timely recovery. The expertise required simply costs too much.

The highly educated and trained help desk support staff at Astute Technology Management are here to help with all that – and more. Our expertise in working with commercial construction clients makes us the preferred choice for many small and medium sized construction businesses throughout Columbus, Ohio and Cincinnati, Ohio. We have an expertly trained help desk ready to assist your CEO on his desktop or your field laborer on his mobile device 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This collaborative partnership with our clients ensures maximum productivity and minimal downtime, every day.

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